Ch Sow 2019


Judge Mrs Joy Mahoney "Yanjoy"

BIS  Rimell's Donskoi Vesna at Borodino, RBIS Spencer's Donskoi Rohan of Talgavarfer. Also, be sure to show


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Open Show February 2019


Judge Heidi Woodgate( Rochander)


BIS Foran's Ricanova Wicked    RBIS Graham's Dashava Calgary.

BPIS Fresdisdottir & Floyd Jamarqui Alchemy Titan, BVIS Dollan Donskoi Nochka of Enolam.

Veteran D/B Dollan, Donskoi Nochka of Enalam

Puppy D/B

 1) Fresdisdottir & Floyd, Jamarqui Alchemy Titan

2) Giannatti & Kershaw, Charnealis Babushka for Aftershine

3) Foran, Donskoi Podar Girl


Junior D/B

1) Smettem-Minson, Donskoi Romeo at Chywoon

2) Giannatti & Kershaw, Donskoi Plat

Graduate Dog

1) Fresdisdottir & Floyd, Tyysgol Sir G'wain

Post Graduate Dog

1) Jackson & Shaw, Harropine Odine

2) Ellett & Blackburn-Bennett, Janter Sylvester

Limit Dog

1) Graham, Dashava Calgary

2) Wheatley, Russkiy Azart Ambassador Reality Rhondo

Open Dog

1) Collinson, Hogsmeade Harry Potter Sh CM

Special Beginners Dog


Graduate Bitch

1) Donnelly, Serenfol Amelia

Post Graduate Bitch

1)Moran & Kelsey, Ricanova Moulin Rouge

Limit Bitch

1) Devereux & Donnelly, SerenfolAlicja

2) Conroy, Quarenta's Lifes First Love at Enolam

3) Rogerson, Nibrass Emerald Queen

Open Bitch

1) Foran, Ricanova Wicked

2) Collinson, Hogsmeade Holly Golightly Sh CM

Special Beginners Bitch



No entries

Judges critique

Thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge at this show, and thank you to you, the exhibitors for your entries and giving me the opportunity to judge this wonderful breed which has long been a favourite of mine, I had a thoroughly enjoyable day. Most of the dogs and bitches today were shown in very good condition, well bodied, muscular and good coats, I am not bothered by a dog being out of coat, these things happen, but I do like the coat texture  to be good, clean and free of knots. There were sadly a few mouths that could do with a good toothbrush and a couple with bad dentition.  

Veteran D or B (1)

1, Conroys, Donskoi Nochka of Enolam.

Nice head, with dark eye. Good length of neck into adequate front angulation with Straight bone to forelegs. Well boned throughout, Stands over plenty of ground and presents a pleasing outline.

Puppy D or B (7)

A big puppy class , sadly the one that caught my eye and was so very pleasing to go over, did not want to co-operate, and refused to move at all, as it was her brother won the class

1, Fresdisdottir & Floyd, Jamarqui Alchemy Titan, Well bodied 6 month male, attractive masculine head with good strong underjaw, dark eye. Nice length of neck into correct anglulated shoulder and return of upper arm, straight bone. Good topline which was held on the move, nice width throughout body. BPB, BPIS

2, Giannetti & Kershaw, Charnealis Babushka for Aftershine, 10 mth bitch, ultra feminine, nice head of good proportions, long neck  good shoulder , down into straight narrow bone and good feet. Being picky , I would prefer a little more of her throughout. 

3, Foran, Donskoi Podar Girl.

Junior D or B (2) 

1, Smettem-Minson, Donskoi Romeo at Chywoon. 7 month male, VHC in puppy. A very immature raw baby, who needs to body up. Was all over the place in puppy class but got his act together here and moved out soundly , covering plenty of ground with each stride. 

2, Giannetti & Kershaw, Donskoi Plat, another baby of nearly 9 mths, good head proportions with good ear set,, adequate angulation fore and aft, well boned throughout, deep chest with sweeping underline and good tuck up, shame that he was like a coiled spring on the move which made it impossible to assess , would have loved to have seen him move outside which I think would have been a different picture completely.

Graduate Dog (2)

1, Fredisdottir & Floyd, Tyysgol Syr G’wain, this boy stands over plenty of ground, head ok but with good clean dentition. Excellent front angulation and well matched at rear, deep chest with good tuck up, strong topline, well boned throughout, with good width and in great condition. Moved true with nice flowing gait in profile.

Post Grad Dog (4)

1, Jackson and Shaw, Harropine Odin at Padztar, Elegant dog of good proportions throughout, nice head with good eye set and shape, adequate front and rear angulation, good topline, in good coat and condition although I would prefer a little more weight. A little upright in pastern but still moves true coming and going away.

2, Ellett & Blackburn-Bennett,  Janter Sylvester. Hard decision between these boys as there were things I liked about both, he has a nice head, with good eye and ear set, well bodied throughout with good width, showed in hard condition, I did prefer this dog on the move especially in profile but standing he was dropping his topline today.

Limit Dog (3)

1, Graham Dashava Calgary, mature male, and although not of huge proportions, he is all male, everything flows when you go over him. He has lovely head proportions, which is long and lean, and with lovely chiselling that sadly lacking on so many hounds, he has good eye set and shape, strong underjaw with clean correct dentition. Slightly arched neck, good front and rear angulation, which is strong and of good width, clean, straight bone and good feet. Strong topline and into correct tail set, both of which he holds correctly on the move. He has a good capacious body without being to heavy. His movement is true front and rear and a lovely long flowing reach when viewed in profile. Shown in hard condition and excellent condition. BD and RBIS

2, Wheatley, Russkiy Azart Ambassador Reality Rondo. Lovely dog with a very pleasing head ear set good, arched strong neck, good shoulder and return of upper arm although he is a little loose in elbow, body of good proportions, deepest of chests well tucked up, would prefer a little more curve on topline, good tail set, nicely presented in good hard condition..

Open Dog (2)

Sadly one of these males had to be withdrawn as he had cut his pad, I hope he heals soon

1, Collinsons, Hogsmeade Harry Potter, a lovely male who I have done well for before, he is a dog of good size but with no coarseness. Long , lean head with dark and correct eye set, good ear set.  Strong neck of good length. Lovely deep chest with plenty of heart and lung room, good tuck up. Excellent topline with good fallaway, correct bone in front and rear and strong short hocks , his coat also gleamed and he is in lovely hard muscular condition, movement was strong elegant and powerful. RBD

Special Beginners Dog (0)


Grad Bitch (2)

1, Donnelly, Serenfol Amelia, a sound bitch shown in great muscular condition. She has a good head with strong underjaw, nice ears and ear set. Correct angles in front and of good width throughout, strong short hocks, she appears a little shy in the ring which also showed in her movement, although very sound in all aspects, she did enough to prove what she has , RBB

Post Grad Bitch (2)

1, Moran & Kelsey,  Ricanova Moulin Rouge, this girl has a beautiful head, with good ear set and shape, a little straight in front angulation and I would like a more prominent breastbone and infill, she is fine in bone , but sound in movement, and another that is in lovely condition throughout.

Limit Bitch (3)

1, Devereux & Donnelly, Serenfol Alicja,  head not as refined as I personally would like but eye set and colour are good with neat ears. Strong neck, good front angulation with a complimentary rear construction, good underline and topline with nice fall away and tail set. She moved out really well with graceful powerful strides. 

2, Conroy, Quarenta’s Lifes First Love at Enolam,  I preferred this girl to 1 when stacked and in profile, a beautiful head and expression, long neck but would prefer a little more strength in it, good front and rear construction, nice strong short hocks, she is a little long in loin for my preference but this doesn’t appear to raise any problems with keeping her topline, she was unfortunately throwing a front leg on the move today which lost her the class.

3, Rogerson, Nibrass Emerald Queen.

Open Bitch (2)

1, Foran,  Ricanova Wicked. This bitch grabbed my attention as she walked in, an array of graceful curves, she has a good head with good eye set, well filled in below, small neat ears, adequate length of neck into well laid shoulders and with a good return of upper arm, good bone on forequarters with correct feet. Deep chest with nice tuck up, complimented by a strong topline with all her curves in the right places !.  She has a good  spring of rib enough to give plenty of heart and lung room and a short muscular loin. A well muscled rear construction with low set hocks, all this was evident when she moved, which was graceful yet full of powerful , a lovely movement particularly in profile, nothing was flashy or overdone, beautiful, BB and pushed hard to beat the lovely male for BIS.

2, Collinsons, Hogsmeade Holly Go Lightly, a bitch that stands over plenty of ground, head long and lean,with good planes,  good length of neck, adequate angulation front and rear, although a little upright in pastern, strong and graceful topline, good width throughout , a very shapely girl but a little lackadaisical on the move.

Special Beginners (1)


Heidi Woodgate